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Nov 20, 2010

So what you cry, lots of people have.

Yeah. fair enough, but none of them have taken 13 seasons, 622 events, 51535 miles, 245 tracks and 115 cars to find the right combination to do it :-]

Daft thing is, thanks to rFactor lobby, I could have won one back in S4, when due to not being able to connect, I missed a race in the rF World Challenge, which if I had made and finished in my average finishing position, I would have won. I can assure you that has not bothered me for a good three and a half years now.......

Since then I have had a few close calls, in F1, Indycar and in Jeff Stiblings RFaction CART '95 Series, where I missed out by the odd point in 589 between Jeff and myself. Worst thing about that was any number of better results by a single place would have made the difference, not least being held off by my team mate Allen at Loudon lap after lap at the end of the race(remember the first rule - never hit your team mate!). Well, a year has past since that so I have chilled on that one as well :-]

Anyway, at last a reward for consistency and practice, is there any connection between winning this DTM Autumn Cup championship and me being off work since before it started? I wonder :-]

Thanks to Friday Night Racing Chapter for putting on the series, and depending how much grief I get off the Mrs, I might just be back for the Winter Cup.


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Nov 04, 2010

Not wishing to add foreign mirth in a serious subject thread, the quote about not enough military politicians suddenly reminded me of the great Kenny Everett and one of his characters.