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Feb 23, 2013

Ok 5 years ago I joined this site. Back in 2008 I was young and full of ideals and my life was so much different from novadays:)
I had money, permanent girlfriend, tasty dinner everyday, job which I was complaining about everyday and into this I started racing :).
It was great experience as I never played any other games before online, only on our home LAN network with two other friends back in days of NFS2, Duke Nukem and Quake 1 :)

Ofcourse like others I was mad when I was taken out by someone, but I also taken out somebody as well, unfortunately it is a part of racing, but its still better then if you do a mistake personally which will cost you a nicely started race or when your internet connection fails on ya:)
Those ups and downs are with you regardless if you had great day or bad day at work and you hoping for better evening on the track...

I remember lots of great races, with great people and I'm glad I had a chance to meet few of them and hopefully will see even more soon.

For this long time I hope became into better racer and times when I swept 3 cars in T1 are finally over. Even so I'm still not avoiding mistakes like last week in BMW race where I totally ruined my race and punched sofa next to me about million times :), but thats emotions which are bring to you by racing...

No need to speak about any stats you can find them on my history page.

I would like to thank to all who I raced against and apologise to anyone who was in any way offended by my driving. Sure I will not stop so early with this hobby even when sometimes its better to take a break from it, but you have those feelings about all things you do in your life.

Ofcourse big thanks to admins for keeping this site going, sure it is my most visited website of all, counting porn as well :)

Cya you soon on the track!

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Dec 14, 2012

Well today I reached 700th race on R2P. That put me on 15th place in number of starts from all divers here, nice :)

Not so shiny like my teammate's 1000 few weeks back but still nice :)

This year was so far my best. I scored three lucky wins and also few hardly believed track records. Overall I'm very happy that I managed to hold behind my back some very well known names during some races and today grab my only second driver's title.
Thanks to all who I was racing against and ofcourse to admins for keeping this site going.

Even when at the moment I'm not racing so often I'll be back...cya soon.

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Oct 14, 2012

On the direct orders of our boss and future Pulitzer price winner Andy Graydon I have to write this blog :)

I remember when I asked Andy to join his team back in July 2008, it was only 3 days after we met first time on track and I ruined his race in Charles Hodges LMPC series...

In one day I got two offers on the table from Andy and at that time very succesfull Scuderia Internazionale team of Omar Gonzales.

I choosed Phoenix and never regret that.

And now 4 years and something later I have the most miles, tracks and cars, lots of team titles and also few wins with Phoenix.

This team was always a bunch of good guys and even when people are changing its still great team with very fast and very slow drivers like me :)

I would like to thank Andy for accepting me into Phoenix 4 years ago and all his members for creating such a nice home for racing.

Cya soon on the track.

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Oct 05, 2011

Well today I reached 500th race in R2P.

Since February 2008 when I joined many things happened in my life. I experienced good and worse times, ups and downs for those 3 years and 8 months. I moved 4x times, twice in UK, last year from UK to Czech republic and this year from CZ to Slovakia where I'm curently working. Even when I wasn't racing it is a great feeling to be part of this community.
I'm glad I met personally Phil Perkins, Chris Galloway and Mario Slezacek and I can consider many more people as friends.
I'm doing this as a hobby and believe me there is nothing worse then come from my stressfull work enter the race and got punted in second corner, but even so I would like to thank you all who I was racing against for those 500 races:).

And ofcourse thanks to admins for keeping this bussiness running.

I will not talk about my stats here, first off because I'm and will be midfield runner so there is nothing to talk about and secondly everyone can see them on my page:)

Ok I think its all what I wanted to say and I see you soon again on track!

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Oct 31, 2009

I know it's not anything big but it is nice rounded number!

In my 260 events it makes average of 61,538462 miles per race.

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