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Sep 27, 2009

Hey folks,

A few weeks back i had 2 graphics cards destroy them selves so while i was waiting for a new one to come through i made some changes to my set up. Its been going through an evolution for about 4 years now but i think its finished now.
Latest mods were..Sprayed desk black, altered pedals , new gear stick \keyboard postion and a new screen.

rig upgrade

Rig upgrade

rig upgrade

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Jul 13, 2009

On my recent Honeymoon in florida i was lucky enough to get a driving day at the Disney Tri oval. The track was a mile long a lap record of 155mph.
The car was authentic with 600 bhp , I did the rookie course which unfortantly was only 8 laps following an instructor but managed to do a 123 mph lap which was the max you could do on the rookie experience.
The car was just amazing sooo much grip just wish i could have had the track to myself and really pushed it.

Great experience one i will never forget!

Sorry but the videos arnt very good, they did have a two cameras in the car one facing forward and one facing me but they wanted £90 for 7 mins of footage!! Which wasnt willing to pay . They could have just put the mpeg onto my camera memory card !!

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May 31, 2009

This the Race car Me and my Dad own, it is currently in the stages of being rebuilt. Should be back on track sometime in 2010.
The car was originally built by my dad and his Brother Dale in 1980 and ran in the Special Saloon championship.

It was later modified to run in the British Thundersaloons championship where they one races and set lap records and came second in the champioship in 1990.
Here is a clip from a demo run at the 1991 British Truck Grand Prix as part of the sponsership deal we had from Lucas Automotive with my Uncle Dale driving.

In this clip the car is running a Hart 420R 2.4 L engine producing around 310 BHP, ZF 5 speed gear box, Atlas axle , Group C 320mm 4 pot front brakes.

I have many more Videos of the car they have just got to be converted to digital format.

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