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Medical Help, Bandage Stuck To Wound
Oct 18, 2008

Hey fellas,

i week ago i had a bad accident, and got a fairly large and deep wound on my hand. We put a bandage on it, and about 2 days after the accident i tried to remove it. All the sticky bit of the plaster peeled of with ease, but the bit covering the wound, that was not going to budge.

Anyway, and a week later, i have been soaking my hand in hot soapy water for the last half an hour. I have managed to get a bit peeled back, but no luck with anything else.

Not for the light hearted, there seems to be a bit of puss and other crap under the dressing. The wound itself i cant tell if its healing or not, it looks like normal skin color, but it was so deep when i initially cut it, it looked pretty much skin color then too, jut tonnes of blood.

Any how, i was wondering if any of you have any help? You were all young at some point lol, so i guess some of you have experienced this before. Or at least maybe someone knows what to do?



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Posted by Andrew Peeler Id_icon_gray at 07:55 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #10

dont go gay richie lol glad its better@!

Posted by Johan Nilsson Id_icon at 07:35 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #9

Soak in water for a long time so that the dried out blood gets softer and the bandage it *should* get easier to remove. Fresh, clean water is better choice than soapy one IMO so that it won't infect as easy. Generally smaller wounds heal quicker when they are in the air ie. not covered with bandaid or bandage as long as the wounds are kept clean.

Posted by Shane Thompson Id_icon_gray at 06:11 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #8

somebody holla for the Yella DOg

Posted by Garry Hedrick Id_icon at 02:48 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #7

I kinda like Barry's idea. You're too young to drink until you feel no pain, so rubbing alcohol would be next best thing. Just don't drink it. :D

Posted by Richie Speed Id_icon_gray at 02:13 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #6

Looks like were gonna have to amputate!

Thanks Francesco,

as its 1am here, i think i'll sleep this one out, but i'll see how it is tomorrow :)

On a side note, something seriously messed up is happening to me. Every time i look at the clock, its the exact same digits. I just looked, it said "1:11", earlier it read "22:22", and about 7 other times today, and for the last few weeks, it hasn't stopped happening.


Posted by Francesco Zargani Id_icon_gray at 02:09 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #5

Richie-- I've had a few solid injuries in my time. Anytime pus is involved, follow Heinz's point-- *even* if you feel better, go to a doctor!

Posted by Richie Speed Id_icon_gray at 02:04 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #4

Thanks fellas! Barry, I'm not called!

Anyway, i decided to be manly and slowly but surely tear the fuka off! There is some puss lol, and pretty much a semi healed semi skinned wound, with an outline of where the scab used to

Anyway, my old man has had more serious flesh wounds than i can describe, i gave him a bell after i got it off and he said to let it dry out, and then go on with life like normal lol. My hand feels so light now i can actually use it lol, although im still not moving my little finger, its sort of molded into that position from the bandage :P

Thanks fellas!

P.S, Barry, why shouldn't i use soapy water? Just curious, thanks for the help!

Posted by Andrew Peeler Id_icon_gray at 02:01 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #3

ha i fell so many times on my bike and the same thing happens

Posted by Barry Hedrick Id_icon at 01:54 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #2

First get yourself some rubbing alcohol and put it in a bowl. Then grab hold of one corner of gauze firmly with the other hand. While holding the gauze very firmly...stick your hand in the bowl of rubbing alcohol and when the pain is so extreme you won't know the difference between agony's and RIP the gauze off :-O

Just kidding of course Richie. Heinz said it man...go to the doc and don't use soapy water. If your going to be stubborn like me just use warm water and take it off very carefully. You probably won't have a scab left after that so be very carefull.

Posted by Heinz Petzold Id_icon_gray at 01:44 AM on Oct 18, 2008 Comment #1

Richie... Go to a doctor!