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ISS Commander Captures Unprecedented View of Comet
Dec 23, 2011

Awesome time-lapse video taken from the International Space Station of storms in the South Pacific, just in time to catch a beautiful and spectacular surprise...

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Posted by Garry Hedrick Id_icon at 10:57 PM on Dec 23, 2011 Comment #3

One thing i would never complain about if i were up there would be the view. That has to be the most incredible view EVER!. Nice.

Posted by Steve Taylor Id_icon_gray at 10:14 PM on Dec 23, 2011 Comment #2

Fantastic....thank you for sharing.

Posted by Alberto Alvarez Id_icon_gray at 03:34 PM on Dec 23, 2011 Comment #1

So beautiful it looks unreal!
Thanks for posting, Bob.