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Sight for Sore Eyes?
Apr 14, 2012

Well, hello there.

Haven't been too active around here lately, so I thought I'd better explain myself :P

Honestly, I caught the winter blues, and lost motivation for awhile there. It happened to coincide with me finally getting a job! So I haven't done any racing since mid December.

Anyway, the job took over most of my time. I hadn't worked properly for over 2 years! So it kicked my butt the first month or two. I attempted to take part in a few events here and there, but it never worked out.

There was an open position at one of our regional offices, and I expressed interest in it. Amazingly, they offered me the job (which was a promotion).

So here I am - in Houston. I 'moved' a little over 3 weeks ago. So far the transition has been quite good, and the job is great! Mo' Money and a great crew to work with.

I'm finally settled enough now to take a crack at this racing malarkey again. :) It doesn't hurt that I also finished completing a new PC build. Which is pretty stout by my standards! So I'm quite excited about that.

I've entered into the Pro ALMS event at Long Beach this weekend. Figured that be a nice 'throw myself back into the fire' situation :P I'm sure it'll equate to myself throwing it into the wall :)

Also on a side-note - my team seems to be defunct at the moment. I'm open to moving to someones team. I don't know how active I would possibly be right now. I'd just rather be part of a team, than keep running solo by myself.


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Posted by Ryan McConkey Id_icon_gray at 03:08 AM on Apr 15, 2012 Comment #4

Way hey! Thanks fellas :)

Hope to see you at Long Beach Mark! Was just doing some laps - felt okay.... Still work to be done.

Posted by Mark Carty Id_icon_gray at 08:20 PM on Apr 14, 2012 Comment #3

Great to see ya back Ryan!!, going to try and join you at the Beach.

Posted by Steve Taylor Id_icon_gray at 05:29 PM on Apr 14, 2012 Comment #2

Welcome back Ryan!!!!!

Posted by Michael Virt Id_icon_gray at 01:47 PM on Apr 14, 2012 Comment #1

Nice to see you again here Ryan! You might ask Andy for invitation:)