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Hello, Im 20 years old. Live in California. Ive got racing blood, but always been to poor to do anything about it. Only recently discovered Sim Racing. (joined race 2play few days after i got rfactor.) There was always the Arcade racing... like nfs... games like that, but they were never fun. to easy. not realistic. I was really surprised at the sportsmanship with the R2P community. Having lots of fun racing with you all. im slowly learning, but im learning.

Im using an Interact Advanced FX V3. Sad, i know, but like i said... im poor. so that may be contributing to my slow lap times. i donno.

I live near Infineon Raceway and look forward to maybe racing a car around that track one day. but im obviously not going to go that with that rust bucket on my background. (Current car) '73 Chevelle with a slightly tuned 5.0 liter V8 307. When i get a job, gonna take it out to Sacramento Raceway. Gotta start somewhere right?

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