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GTR2 and Windows 7 *SOLVED*
Nov 16, 2009

Posted by Garret Diduck Id_icon at 12:44 AM on Nov 17, 2009 Post #16

I haven't had any of these issues with Win7 so far. I didn't think of the DX update. That was a good idea.

Windows ALWAYS needs some persuasion.

Posted by Matjaz Plotajs Id_icon_gray at 11:00 AM on Nov 17, 2009 Post #17

OK guys it was not AA!!! What causes the problem is GTR2XD application. Whenever I put d3d9.dll file in my GTR2 installation folder it just slows down everything. Removing it and not using XD... it's back to fast FPS's.

EDIT: The latest XD is working OK!!!