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bodnar box install
Apr 03, 2010

Posted by Anthony Carbone Jr Id_icon_gray at 08:47 AM on Apr 03, 2010 Post #1

anyone have a bodnar box, i have the new one with the box built into the cable, where does this attach to?

Am i right to assume you connect the 9 pin from the pedal set to the 9 pin on the bodnar box and plug it in to the usb port

Any help is appreciated.


Posted by Cristi Rus Id_icon at 11:51 AM on Apr 03, 2010 Post #2

If you refer to this one

Than you are right. You do not plug the pedals into the wheel, but instead plug then into that cable and the cable into the USB port of your PC.

Also they may not work out of the box and have a small error at the end of the axes when the pedal is pushed.
Don't worry, I think all are like that :) It must be the potentiometers or something.
To solve this issue you need to use this piece of software:
Leo Calibration DFP-G25-G27

Or if you are more familiar
the Logitech DXTweak 2

They are a bit tricky to set but I think you can manage.
The rule is like this.

Leo software guide:
You must make the red axes go from 0 to 1023 as in 1024 steps in total per axes. That's the direct input scale that is seen by the games. (btw if there is some red bar on the axes but the value is 0, than is good, so don't worry, that is only a visual bug of the software)

The blue axes are the raw values.
Those can be set like this:
You see what the value of the blue axes is.
E.g. If it is 43 than in the box you put a value of 50 or so. I usually go about 10+. Why? Because 43 blue is actually 0 red on the red scale, but to be sure it does not fluctuate or you must set a higher value. It's the raw vs. direct input difference due to the potentiometer's range of error.

Ok, now at the other end. There is the opposite.
If the blue value is let's say 894, you must set a lower value. How mush would you think? Well about 880, so that's again 10+ units.
Now when you push the pedal the red values should be 0-1023.
If they still fluctuate when the pedal is fully pressed you can raise or lower, depending if you set the left or right value, some more.
The idea is when the pedal is not pressed, the red value should stay on 0 and don't move. And when it is fully depressed it must stay at 1023 without it fluctuating.

When you set them all just close the program and that's it. It doesn't have a save button or anything and if you open the program again you must start all the process again as the values are reset.

It's not space engineering so don't be afraid of my long explanations.
If there's anything else, just write here.
Good luck Anthony!

Posted by Anthony Carbone Jr Id_icon_gray at 07:24 PM on Apr 03, 2010 Post #3

Wow good thing i posted this!!

Ok i wil take my time and see if i can get this to work, i also bought the perfect pedal and i am hooking that up as well.