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Multiple Monitors?
Jun 01, 2007

Posted by Steve Wood Id_icon_gray at 11:01 AM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #1

I've seen people with 3 for front view, and 1 for each side view. Is there something special about setting this up? I have 4 monitors and 2 nVidia 7800GTX video cards and Windows XP on a duo core Intel computer. I can have my desktop extended onto the extra monitor; however, I don't see anywhere in rFactor configurations where I can have the side views displayed onto other monitors.

Posted by Felipe Garcia Catalan Id_icon_gray at 11:39 AM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #2

You can go two ways, hardware or software. Most people buy a Matrox TripleHead2Go, which is a gizmo that takes the input from your vid card and outputs to tree monitors, fooling your system by presenting itself as a very wide monitor. It's about $300.

There's also a neat software-only trick you can pull with two video cards and three monitors without buying anything else:

In both cases you just would set rFactor to some silly widescreen resolution, like 3408x768 or something like that and probably adjust the FoV a bit.

Posted by Steve Wood Id_icon_gray at 11:55 AM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #3

Thanks Filipe.

Yeah...I just found the TripleHead2Go information on the Matrox site. They are coming out with a DVi digital TripleHead2Go something Q2 2007...which was like yesterday. I signed up to receive updates.

The SoftTH method might be the way to go for now.

I wonder if Vista has native multiview capabilities?

Posted by Chris Galloway Id_icon_gray at 02:53 PM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #4

I use the TripleHead2Go.

I would strongly advise anybody that wants to do this to buy 3 Fresnel lenses as they remove the gaps between monitors and give sense of depth.

Also the TripleHead2Go does not support most ATI cards or should I say ATI do not support the TripleHead2Go at the moment. You would need a special driver to make the higher resolutions available.

Posted by Scott Michaels Id_icon_gray at 03:01 PM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #5

I read TH2G only works up to a height of 1024... my monitor has a native height of 1050, if I bought two more of these, is there anyway I could get TH2G to go up the extra 26 pixels?

Its all hypothetical really, because I dont have £150 to spend on TH2G, or £500 to spend on two more monitors, but I'm curious :-)

Posted by Garth Buchanan Id_icon_gray at 03:05 PM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #6

Curious, but has anyone tried running the card in span, and then rFactor in windowed, then maximizing?

Posted by Steve Wood Id_icon_gray at 10:42 PM on Jun 01, 2007 Post #7

Great news. I finally got it working with SoftTH. I'm running 2 nVidia 7800GTXs with my 22" LCD widescreen display plugged into my primary card and two 22" CRTs plugged into my secondary card.

At first I got some strange rendering and what appeared to be a horizontal bar through the middle of the screen. Then I realized that the problem is with the SoftTH full-scrren anti-aliasing...the help file said to disable anti-aliasing in the game and use the antialiasing in SoftTH by setting antialiasing=1, but once I reset the antialiasing=0 parameter in the .cfg file it worked great. I also set my secondary resolution to's just my side view mirrors so it doesn't need to be high res.

I selected 3840x960 in the rFactor config application and selected MultiView. This results in a 1280x960x75 resolution for my middle screen which is just acceptable. My frame rates did drop to about 25 in spots, but normally hovered around 60fps. I then changed my secondary resolution to 1280x1024 and that kept the frame rate up over 40 and more fluctuations.

So, in the end all I changed in the SoftTH.cfg file was swap the deviceID's, increase the secondary resolution and refresh, and the refresh in the modes section. Oh, and I went back into rFactor config and set my full-screen anti-aliasing back to level 1 which worked fine and sharped the image up a great deal. Now I'm going to see how it works with GTR2...I've heard that it works fine locally, but crashes when trying to connect to a server.

Here's my SoftTH settings: