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iRacing Membership - 6 Months Free
Jul 20, 2012

Posted by Eduardo Lorente Id_icon_gray at 03:40 PM on Jul 20, 2012 Post #1

We're just a short day away from our chapter's first iRacing events for both American and European time zones. So I just wanted to remind you guys that Cadillac and iRacing have teamed up to offer a great promotion to new members.

They're giving away a free 6 month iRacing membership code (including three tracks - Mosport, Mid-Ohio, and Infineon) to everyone who registers on the Cadillac Cup Racing site. That's over $100 worth of iRacing content for free, plus their basic-level assortment of cars and tracks.

The six month promo code is emailed to you at the end of the registration process. Obviously, if you haven't given iRacing a try now is the time.

Register to receive your six month iRacing promo code at: https://cadillaccupracing.com/

This summer, our chapter is running fixed setup, mixed class races, starting with Laguna Seca this weekend - so it's not too late to join the races and give iRacing a try. Plus, there are several opportunities to race as both my chapter and Charlie Parker's LMP Motorsports are hosting events through the summer.

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 04:57 PM on Jul 20, 2012 Post #2

it's a great way to get to know iracing and you dont have to subscribe any longer than 6 months. there's a auto renew subscription feature you can always disable.

Posted by Benny Jones Id_icon_gray at 05:54 AM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #3

what if you are already a member? can i get 6 months free? i love the new caddy. :)

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 06:13 AM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #4

Ben, you'll have to create a new account then in order to use this promo.

Posted by Jon Uyan Id_icon_gray at 09:46 AM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #5

I got the 6mo free deal, installed the software, it is updating right now (1:20 am :}). Problem is, My Account section at iRacing web site shows long 'version' of my name and I don't see any edit option for this. I know somebody else was asking about this but I couln't find it, send an email to where? Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, if I race with a wrong name do I get DNF or what happens.

Posted by Spyros Derekis Id_icon_gray at 10:15 AM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #6

Send an email to Support@iRacing.com Jon, asking them to change your name.
Hope we see you at Laguna Seca tomorrow :)

Posted by Eduardo Lorente Id_icon_gray at 01:27 PM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #7

Thanks Hugo and Spyros :)

If the guys at iRacing can't change your name in time, you should email the R2P official and let them know your situation. In other words you should not get a DNF as it can be fixed one way or another.

As Spyros said, I hope more guys consider this and join us for either or both our Saturday and Sunday race. I've setup these summer events (fixed setup, short tracks, etc ...) specifically to get more guys to try the sim. Just show up, experiment with it, and have some fun.

And their current 6-month Free offer is the best I've seen - so there's really no better time than now to give this a try.

Posted by Jan Sproule Id_icon_gray at 04:47 PM on Jul 21, 2012 Post #8

I am in the same boat, sent off my registration using my email address. When it came to pay, i used my girlfriends Paypal account. I am now Kristina Montigny @iracing. Sent an email for a request to change name. Crossing my fingers......

Posted by Benny Jones Id_icon_gray at 01:05 AM on Jul 22, 2012 Post #9

Kristina, when ya get onto iRacing, look me up. :)

I'm Benny Jones on there.

Posted by Matthew Overton Id_icon_gray at 03:32 AM on Jul 22, 2012 Post #10

took the plunge - looking forward to seeing you there Kristina :) and the rest.

Not likely to be racing at LS due to other commitments, but will see what other races I will be able to jump in on.

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 11:58 AM on Aug 10, 2012 Post #11

Don't you forget about this!

Posted by Kamran Choudhry Id_icon_gray at 10:44 PM on Aug 10, 2012 Post #12

How long do they intend to continue this offer? I imagine they'll discontinue this soon since I assume their cadillac league has started already?

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 02:00 AM on Aug 11, 2012 Post #13

Dont know untill when this promo is valid, but once you get the code, you have about six months to activate it.

Posted by Kamran Choudhry Id_icon_gray at 02:30 AM on Aug 11, 2012 Post #14

And then 6 months to race as well?

And like say I don't activate it within the 6 months can I still use any other promotional code as a new iRacing member if I don't activate the cadillac one?

Posted by Douglas Beard Id_icon_gray at 01:01 PM on Aug 11, 2012 Post #15

I think I saw that the deal is now 3 free months when you use this promo, but it still includes 3 extra tracks ($45 worth).
I registered 2 weeks ago and here is a portion of my confirmation email:

To activate your iRacing membership, visit http://www.iracing.com/cadillac/ and enter the unique code above. You will be asked to fill out a personal profile in order to experience the online game-play.
*Your code is for new iRacing members only and can be used to open a new iRacing membership. The code will expire on 5/1/2013.

As you can see, I had until the end of next April to USE the code to register. The clock doesn't start ticking on your trial until you REGISTER the code with iRacing.
So registering with Cadillac essentially gives you a coupon that is valid at iRacing for a certain period; you can choose whether or not to use that coupon when you are purchasing. Just like at the grocery store, if you can find a better coupon, use it! This one is good for 3 months and you must use it by 5/1.
Hope this helps!