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GTR2 on Steam
Dec 14, 2012

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 08:45 AM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #1

The Game That Revolutionized the Racing Genre.

The successor to the international award-winning racing simulation GTR accurately represents the challenges of Motorsport racing. The detailed, photo-realistic depiction of these powerful cars and beautiful circuits, thanks to the graphics technology, and the enhanced driving model will make your adrenaline rise in one of more than one hundred HP-beasts.

Beginners can start with the driving school where they are taught the basics of race driving by a professional instructor. Thanks to dynamic day, night and weather changes and an impressive damage system, the races of the exciting FIA GT series become a thrilling gaming experience.

Since the release of GTR2 in September 2006, the game has received widespread acclaim. GTR2 simulates the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT Championship racing series.

You can find it HERE for 8,99 €

If you already have a valid licence key you can activate it on Steam as well.

Posted by Fernando Cardenas Id_icon_gray at 12:20 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #2

Yep, watching the video on steam brings back memories.. Memories of GTR 2 which I was just playing a few hours ago. lol. Definitely still my one and only favourite racing simulator.

Of course with this I am pretty annoyed, because last Saturday I paid out £30 for Race07 and all its DLCs and upgrades. Now I see with this release a new Simbin Bundle on Steam with ALL their titles, including Race07+, GTL and GTR 1 & 2 for £28.00...

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 04:28 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #3

This is good news for GTR2 at R2P. It's been over a year since I (seriously) last drove GTR2 here (half a year in a series where I didn't practice enough) - yet it still remains my most driven Sim at R2P!

Posted by Garret Diduck Id_icon at 08:41 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #4

Be aware that the GTR2 Steam versions does not include all of content that was in the boxed version. I'm not sure how the two versions will co-exist online. And I can't find an exact list of what is NOT included.

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 09:04 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #5

Definitely my most driven sim as well as most driven car, the F360 GTC.

Still hold the record for most starts in it, lol.

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 09:35 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #6

Garret, what makes you say Steam version of GTR2 has less content than the Boxed one?


ok, apparently for GTR2, SimBin were not able to provide all the content, namely Porsche and Ferrari cars are unavailable for selection... Well if so, they shouldn't have released it in the first place imo as it's not the complete pack!


Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 10:21 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #7

That's not "GTR2" then - no Porsche or Ferrari's - they are likely the most raced!

Posted by Chris Galloway Id_icon_gray at 10:43 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #8

Garret/Hugo where have you read this?

Even the trailer for the game includes Porsche and Ferrari.

I think you are getting confused with the digital version of the game.

Posted by Reinhard Berger Id_icon_gray at 10:59 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #9


it is correct,
the new steam gtr2 do not have the porsche and ferrari,
they are in game, but grey.
i did read that there is a way to make they normal again, but i do not care about this, because no needed, as i have gtr2, and i do not like steam things.
i was try to make gtr1 over steam, but it did not work? (think problems with code input), but i did now manage how i can drive gtr1 in vista with 1920x1080 and so i do not need gtr1 steam anymore.

think for online races in leagues (r2p for example) this steam gtr2 do not bee good, as in nearly every race a ferrari or porsche is possible for drive, think they see then this other cars grey online too (same as offline)


Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 11:00 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #10

Shows "cars included" list. It does not mention any Ferrari or Porka.

Now the big questions;
Is this then compatable online with the version of GTR2 that we have on DVD?

If not,
Can we package up those cars from a DVD version and move them over to a Steam installation for them to work?

If not,
What version should be supported here at Race2Play? We know that the DVD version is no longer available so attendance will continue to drop in our events. If we switch to the Steam-version, then at least people can buy it and start racing in our GTR2 events.

Edit - To get the Ferrari and Porsche cars back in the Steam-version, install the v1.10 DVD patch and install the No-CD EXE. Back to regular GTR2

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 11:06 PM on Dec 14, 2012 Post #11

According to some people's posts in steam forum, the files and folders are there, just not available for selection in the game. might be possible to unlock it?

Posted by Francesco Deleo Id_icon_gray at 01:45 AM on Dec 15, 2012 Post #12

I think it is better to buy and to use a DVD version of the game. There are still a lot of sellers and copies of the game.
I could purchase a game through Steam but I don't like how it manages its games (well, I don't know all its games): I want to install my games using the old way.

Posted by Ryan Soucy Id_icon_gray at 02:56 AM on Dec 15, 2012 Post #13

I'll take the imperfect compromise. GTR2 is just still just too darn good. I did a race on Tuesday offline. Then did some more testing before my new wheel came. No FFB felt as good as GTR2. Its usually the first thing I install on new PCs, its on its 3rd pc now.

If steam gave the game a shot in the arm, and more races spawned here, I'd buy it again on Steam. Even with no Porsche or Ferrari. I was toiling around in the Saleen earlier. Maybe you can still D/L the BPR mod to a Steam install.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 06:57 AM on Dec 15, 2012 Post #15

I've been looking at the Raceroom Online Forums - some questionaing regarding why P's and F's are greyed out, but no definitive answer yet.

Surely it can't be a licensing issue (in which case how do Enduracers mod get away with it for rF)? Hopeful it's just a glitch through Steam.

Posted by Charlie Parker Id_icon_gray at 07:15 AM on Dec 15, 2012 Post #16

Maybe Joe can answer this one, but……

I thought that if it was a mod, and not a program for sale, licensing was out the window. As long as you were not making money on a branded name, icon or logo you didn’t need the blessings or license from that entity?