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rfactor plr file [Windows 7]
Jan 11, 2013

Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 12:09 PM on Jan 11, 2013 Post #1


I have been searching for my rFactor folder in my documents but it is not there. .

Posted by Brad Wrenn Id_icon_gray at 01:52 PM on Jan 11, 2013 Post #2

Not there, should be located in the rfactor folder on your C drive.


Posted by Paul Valentine Id_icon_gray at 02:43 PM on Jan 11, 2013 Post #3

Not at home computer but...should be


Posted by Chuck Napoli Id_icon_gray at 04:41 PM on Jan 11, 2013 Post #4

Doug: I have windows 7 home edition 64 bit and here is how I find folders:

1) click the start button
2) click on computer in right hand column
3) click on OS (operating system) from left hand column
4) click on program files (x86) if you have that folder in the right hand column.
5) scroll down to rfactor, double click and your rfactor folders should all be in that main rfactor folder itself.

Hope this helps Doug. Win7 takes a bit to get used to, especially if you have the 64 bit home edition instead of the 32 bit edition.

BTW: My comp came with Direct X 11 on it. You should have the same if you have a newer pc.


Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 01:03 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #5

I did what you guys told me and here is what I have. Doug Spinster is not there. I don't get why svm files are here and not in setup folder that I don't see lol


Really confusing that I have setup folder somewheres because I have saved a couple setups that I can see in the game.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 02:52 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #6

Maybe it's a "hidden" folder - try lowering UAC level to lowest (Win 7) and see if that changes anything.

Next time you install a game, create a folder in C:\drive called Simulations. Then point your game installs at that. Program Files is always gonna cause you problems.

(E.g. C:\Simulations\rFactor) etc etc.

Posted by Chuck Napoli Id_icon_gray at 03:42 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #7

I don't know what to tell you in this case Doug. Once I open my user data folder inside rfactor, my Chuck Napoli folder is the first one. I don't know why there is no Doug Spinster folder shown. The only other thing I can suggest is to do a search of your C drive for it and see if it pops up. If that does not work then someone with a greater working knowledge of windows 7 machines than I needs to answer this. Sorry I could not be of more assistance.

Posted by Samuel Krueger Id_icon at 04:35 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #8


Try searching the setup with windows search , if you don't know the exact name of the setup , make a new one and give it a easily recognizable name , then use search to see where it leads you.


edit: sorry , you were looking a .plr file , not a setup.


Posted by Samuel Krueger Id_icon at 04:43 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #9

Maybe it's this...

"If you don't run rFactor as admin it will not have permissions to write the config.ini or anything in the program files folder so instead it writes it into the VirtualStore folder which is in your AppData folder somewhere. Just google VirtualStore for more info. My suggestion is to disable UAC or run rFactor as an admin so it doesn't have to put stuff in odd ball locations. You can force rF to always run as admin by right clicking the icon and then selecting props then click the comparability tab and select the check box at the bottom that says something like always run as admin.

Once it is running as admin it will prompt you for the video config as if it is your first time running rF and then write a new config.ini and paths everything the old pre vista/win7 way."

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 06:49 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #10

Aha - told you, disable UAC! It's a pain up the bum!

Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 10:38 AM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #11

I found it.

C:\Users\Doug\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\UserData

Thank you everyone. I searched my user name in Drive "C" and I was found, before I was always using rFactor for a search in my quest for that document data folder. I guess I have have a lot more to learn about how Windows works again. I made a short cut on my desktop for quick access to it.

Posted by Chuck Napoli Id_icon_gray at 02:02 PM on Jan 12, 2013 Post #12

Doug: you are going to find, as I did when I bought my new pc, that Windows 7 is a real pain in the ass to say the least! There is going to be a lot of software you had that the OS won't run, especially if you have the 64 bit OS, because many of the old software titles that were made for 16 or even 32 bit OS's are incompatible with it. You will also have to run a lot of programs as the administrator as posted by Sammy. Congrats on finding the folder you were looking for and look upon Win7 as a whole new learning experience. Give it several months and you will be able to do most things on your pc again. When in a super pickle on something you can't quite figure out, Google what you're looking for and you can usually find help for that particular problem. In some cases, but not rfactor or r2p, you will find patches for some of your older software titles so they will run properly with win7. This may be Microsofts' worse OS since Vista! but they are no longer supporting or issuing any updates for XP if you had that OS and liked it.