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[rfactor] Pukekohe 2013
Jun 27, 2013

Posted by Petteri Viitala Id_icon_gray at 09:53 PM on Jun 27, 2013 Post #1

Submitted by: Petteri Viitala

Trackname: Pukekohe 2013

Gamename: rFactor

Request: for approval to add to database of tracks.

Download size: 65.55 MB
Link where to get file:

What type of track is it? (permanent/public road ect.): permanent
Is the track a final product?: yes
Is the track scratch build or a conversion?: scratch
Whats the release date?: 25th April 2013

Author(s) : RR1CHO (INTEL48)
Length of track km/ml: 2.91 km / 1.81 mi
Location of track: New zealand

Result of testing:

1. How many pitstalls are there?
Answer: 48

2. With what mod(s) did you test the track and with how many cars? Answer: DTM 2002, 36 cars

3. Do all cars fit in their pitstalls and on the track?
Answer: yes

4. Did you test penalties: false start/pitlane speeding/cutting track? Are penalties given and can they be served?
Answer: yes

5. Do the sectortimes work correctly?
Answer: yes

6. Does the start / finish work correctly?
Answer: yes

7. Does the AI work correctly?
Answer: yes, but it's slow

8. What is the minimum/maximum FPS with a full grid? Are there FPS issues with nightracing?
Answer: Everything was perfect, tested it with hight graphics setting. Same with night race.

9. Do the starting lights work?
Answer: yes

10. Can the starting lights been seen by the first and last car on the grid?

11. Do the pitlights work on entry and exit of the pitlane?
Answer: yes

12. Does the pitlimiter work?
Answer: yes

13. Is the lap counted when you pit?
Answer: yes

14. Is the lap counted when you go off track in all cases?
Answer: yes

15. Are there any “black holes”?
Answer: none found

16. Are the graphics up to date?
Answer: yes

17. Are Brake and engine life usable?
Answer: seemed normal to me

18. Are there curbings / areas that will flip or launch the car? Answer: none found

19. Does the track overwrite any files that would cause mismatches? Answer: no

20. Do the headlights work?
Answer: yes

Additional Information: This is the track with this year's changes. New chicane at the end of the backstraight is the biggest modification. Map of the new track:

Posted by Dale Green Id_icon_gray at 06:17 AM on Dec 05, 2013 Post #2

I know this is an old thread but did you test the sandtraps in a multiplayer session?

We ran a league race on the v1.1 of this track and if a car goes into the sandtrap at the Hairpin (the one at the end of the old back straight, I think now is T8) the car will get stuck and appear to other drivers to teleport between the track surface and the sandtrap and back again... that is, in two places at once It's like the mesh under the sand is not continuous.

Posted by Petteri Viitala Id_icon_gray at 09:24 PM on Dec 05, 2013 Post #3

Doesn't really matter any more, the track file does not exist any more at nogrip. I guess they found something wrong with it and removed it.

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