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Loss of FFB going to race in rFactor.
Aug 18, 2013

Posted by Paul Valentine Id_icon_gray at 09:37 PM on Aug 18, 2013 Post #1

Occasionally the FFB is lost going to a practice session. The Reset FFB key, usually works. however if it does not it is easy to go back the garage and try again (which usually fixes the issue)

A few times now this has happened going into a race and the reset FFB does not work. I unplugged the USB and the wheel recalibrated, but still no FFB.

Any ideas? It ruins the race and I have not found a solution.

The G25 wheel is only a few months old.


Posted by Steve Taylor Id_icon_gray at 10:27 PM on Aug 18, 2013 Post #2

Try pushing "G". It is the default plugin enable key.

Posted by Chuck Napoli Id_icon_gray at 05:02 PM on Aug 19, 2013 Post #3

Paul: I have suffered this defect with my Logitech Driving Force about 5 times now. Wheel is fine all through practices and it is fine when warming up and doing qualifying. But, as soon as I hit the tab to go to race in the actual races, I get put on the grid waiting for the countdown and I notice that I have no FFB on the wheel. Like you, my reset feedback button I have programmed does not work. This nasty little problem has caused me 5 DNF's thus far when on a course where driving w/o FFB is not an option. I also suffered this one time with my Driving Force Pro wheel and pedal set. Nothing I have done to date has made much of a difference. It wasn't a major problem when I first started racing here, but for some reason seems to be occurring more as time goes on.

Steve: next time it happens I will try pressing the "G" key, but I don't expect that it will help much. This seems to be an IRQ conflict or something related, where 2 hardware items or programs on the computer are fighting over the same resources. If I had half the knowledge I used to have about pc's I could probably get this trouble shooted here at home, but alas the old noodle isn't what it used to be and trying what some guys here have suggested hasn't made any difference yet in performance. If I ever fnd a solution, I will post it here on R2P somewhere.

Posted by Paul Valentine Id_icon_gray at 06:55 AM on Aug 20, 2013 Post #4

Steve, I will try this next time.


Posted by Jules Goux Id_icon_gray at 12:27 PM on Aug 20, 2013 Post #5

I have experienced the same several times lately, even in a 90min race ! (but not since I have built a new PC, going from WinXP to Win7, 2 months ago).

So now I go on the grid as soon as possible and check if FFB is active. If not, I still have time to hit ESC, go in the garage and come back on the grid (15sec needed).

Posted by Paul Valentine Id_icon_gray at 04:18 AM on Aug 29, 2013 Post #6

Thx Jules, I have thought about that before, but never had the guts to try it in case I could not get back into the race.

If the 'G' does not work I will try your suggestion.


Posted by Fahn Thomas Id_icon at 08:41 PM on Aug 29, 2013 Post #7

I lost ffb sometimes with my DFGT and G27. Got fixed with the ffb reset button but sometimes came back with more stronger ffb and wheel super sensitive. A few times I had to get out and that fixed the problem.

Somebody suggested to plug the wheel in the back of the pc cause the front usb shut down sometimes. Didn't fixed the problem.

I thought was some kind of conflict between game and wheels so in the logitech profiler : Game Settings , I UNCHECKED the box "Allow Game to adjust Settings".

I never had a problem again.

Posted by Rolf Just Id_icon_gray at 02:21 AM on Jun 03, 2015 Post #8

I've the same problems but i will try the advice by Fahn Thomas. Maybe it solves the problem. Btw is it ok to plugged the wheel all time on the computer?

Cheers Rolf

Posted by Chuck Napoli Id_icon_gray at 07:44 PM on Jun 03, 2015 Post #9

Interesting. I never considered Fahn's solution to this problem, which I have probably had about 15 times or so in my almost 180 races. I always thought it might have something to do, also, with the HUD plugin as when my FFB fails right at the start of a race my HUD is usually out too and I have to use the rFactor default HUD. I'm gonna give this a try myself. Can always recheck the box again if it doesn't work out right.

Posted by Petteri Viitala Id_icon_gray at 10:07 PM on Jun 03, 2015 Post #10

This is not a Logitech wheels problem but a rFactor one. I have Thrustmaster wheel, had another model earlier and this happened to me with both wheels.