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2nd party mods for rf2
Oct 21, 2013

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 09:54 PM on Oct 21, 2013 Post #1

Now that rf2 is out of its infancy its beginning to crawl (still a toddler tho).. user built mods are starting to pop up , some are pay mods, some free .. For me I want to support the people taking the time to deliver quality mods for us to use for our hobby so I have no problem dropping 10$-15$ bucks (less than a burger n fry's with the gf) for a mod with the cars I would like to race with , anyway I thought I would post here some of the mods i've found to be worth a look !

1st the guys over at FVR have put together a nice V8supercars mod ,all scratch built plus they plan on doing there own tracks as well , I have the mod and it is fantastic already , A future 2013 version is coming but for now what they have looks and runs great ! hop on over to ther site FVR website click on the forum link to have a look , to get the mod you will need to register and say hi in there welcome thread ,then your are privy to all there files ! its free ware and its worth jumping threw the registering if you like the V8 super cars !

2nd The URD enduro mod ! EnduranceRacingX by URD this, I think is going to be my favorite mod its payware with a pre release available for download so you can have it and add feed back as they add all the cars , you can read all about it here
ISI FORUM LINK They do not have the proper licences so they are using fictional names for the cars ,fine with me as the models are fantastic ! they also have the T-5 mod DTM fictional cars as well, I dont have the T5 but i do have the enduro mod 3 cars out so far good stuff ! check them out !

Also worth mention is IsR's megane mod < Babs over at IsR has modded the meganes to have changeable gear ratios ,multiple tire options lots of changes that opens up the garage menu ectt. great for league endurance racing .. dont know if we would use it here but it has my vote!

Thats it for now ,More are on the way ! if anyone has any others please add them here so we can have a list of whats new with rf2 !

Posted by Luis Lynce Id_icon_gray at 02:51 PM on Oct 23, 2013 Post #2

Hi Rob,

I´ve already download the mod, but when i try to decompress the .rar file to desktop, the file ask me for a password. Without the pw, i can´t do anything. Any idea??:)


Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 05:51 PM on Oct 23, 2013 Post #3

What will happen when you can buy cars separately in a mod that each car for 5$ or package deal 35$. This would be so mismatch wouldn't it if you don't have all the cars.

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 08:11 PM on Oct 23, 2013 Post #4

@luis ,the password is in the first post where you downloaded the rar's i just PM's it to you ! all you do is open the 1st one then they will all auto open !

@Doug , well im not sure i understand you .. you will always get a mismatch if you don't have what the server has , but there is no deference in the single car's files vrs the grouped cars ,they are same files you just get a break in price if you buy them all at once ! For now in the beta they are together in the rfmod but once released they will all be single components as far as i know ;-)

Posted by Fahn Thomas Id_icon at 04:05 AM on Oct 24, 2013 Post #5

I am just waiting for a magic install tool like RF 1. And I dont have a problem to pay. In the fancy side one car cost you 15 bucks so 20 0r 30 for a mod full of cars still a bargain.

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 05:34 AM on Oct 24, 2013 Post #6

Fahn if you need any help let me know ! would love to have you and your awesom vids hit the rf2 seen !!

Once you get the hang of rf2 its quite easy .. we just are used to other sims and rf1 .. so it seems so defrent at first ! let it install defalt then remember the package folder and mod manager are your friends !


Posted by Steve Taylor Id_icon_gray at 12:49 PM on Oct 24, 2013 Post #7

@Fahn.....All you need to find is the packages folder...everything goes in there.

Once you find it, right click it and create a shortcut to it on your desk top. Installing will be simple from that point.

Come to teamspeak, (around 8 /9 hours from now), as I am there most days, if you want to chat.

Posted by Fahn Thomas Id_icon at 05:32 PM on Oct 24, 2013 Post #8

I am gonna give it a go again.