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update infineon track?
Apr 17, 2008

Posted by Shane Thompson Id_icon_gray at 05:53 AM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #1

Hey was just wondering if anybody knows where an updated version of this track is, there nothing at RFC just a 1990`s version... figured some body may know a link to something.

also if there is one for rfactor or race 07. that would be fine to, i googled but didnt seem to find anything

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Michael Bush Id_icon_gray at 06:59 AM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #2

Scroll down to tracks and there is a Sonoma one. It is not bad per say but not of Race 2 Play quality. Not sure if it is the same as the 1990's version...

Let me know what you think of it or if it is the same as the other one.

Posted by Sam Moss Id_icon_gray at 12:39 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #3

Ooo, i'll give it a try, i first raced Infineon in Toca Race Driver, loved it, but never seemed to find it for rfactor, one of my favourite tracks.