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Richard Burns - How to install...
Apr 17, 2008

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon at 11:36 AM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #1

What you need:
- Valid installation of Richard Burns Rally
- Have RBR v1.02 patch installed
- Download and Install RBRnet v3.0 (includes Lobby.exe v3.1)
(create a folder and unzip contents)
- Run Lobby.exe
- Join Race2Play server in lobby
- Default password ("x......")

See the How to participate thread for information about running in our events

Vista users - I have included the dx8vb.dll and a shortcut file to register the file within the package linked above. You may need to do the following for RBRNet to operate within Vista:
1) Copy the dx8vb.dll file to your Windows/System32 folder
2) Run the "Register DLL File" shortcut for Vista to allow the use of the DLL file. You may need to right-click and "run as Administrator".

Posted by Sam Michaels Id_icon_gray at 12:31 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #2

when i tried to instal the RBRnet thing, my antivirus kicked off something fierce about a Trojan Horse

Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon at 12:37 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #3

Had to unblock for my firewall (?) and can use, but cannot see R2P server at the moment.

Posted by Sam Moss Id_icon_gray at 01:06 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #4

No race2play server in the lobby, only a Ragan's room and some czech one.

Oh, and how will the rallys work, will we have to compete at a set time, or will it be like the Czech and RallySimFans plugin were you can take part when you like within a set period of time, such as over a week?

Posted by Justin Rebelo Id_icon_gray at 01:12 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #5

I was curious about the same thing.

Also, I have connected and only see two servers neither of which is r2p.

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon at 01:47 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #6

Just goes to show that I am not up to speed on the RBR multiplayer scene. If there is a plugin that you speak of, please link me to it. That is how I would prefer to operate the RBR events; "Complete your rally at your convenience within a 1 day time period"

Otherwise it has (currently) been planned as "everyone meet on the server at race time and run"

There are no servers currently up because there is no way for a client to "start" the race anyway. If that plugin gets around that, we will have servers up 24/7 ASAP

Posted by Darren Adams Id_icon_gray at 01:47 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #7

I've tried it on Vista, the game works fine but RBRNet doesn't, for me atleast. The lobby opens but it won't allow me to join a room.
If anyone manages to get it working on Vista could you please let me know. My brother and I would both like to join in on this but we've had no luck trying to sort it out on our own.

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon at 01:48 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #8

run as Administrator... that is what I had to do

Posted by Scott Michaels Id_icon_gray at 01:52 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #9

Maybe we could have a mixture of the two styles... some turn up at your leisure and some head to head style rallys. I'd hate RBR to be a totally solitary experience, but I'm sure we'd get bigger fields with the lone wolf style.

Posted by Sam Moss Id_icon_gray at 01:56 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #10

The only plugins i've used is RallySimFans and heard of Wallys czech plugin.

RallySimFans runs from, it has an auto download, but the downside for R2P is that it runs off the rallysimfans site, so if the site isn't up, the plugin doesn't work. The results also go onto the RallySimFans site, which i think can go into an excel type file..

Also, we'd have to all register on the RallySimFans site to participate in the rallys, but its about the only plugin i know where you can set a play time, say over a week and then race whenever.

Posted by Darren Adams Id_icon_gray at 01:58 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #11

Just tried running Lobby.exe as administrator but it made no difference for me, I still get the error "ActiveX component can't create object" when I click "join".
I am on Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Are you running the same Tim? I also had to manually download a file called dx8vb.dll to get the Lobby to open atall.

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon at 02:01 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #12

I will look into it a bit more this afternoon Darren

Posted by Darren Adams Id_icon_gray at 02:04 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #13

Thanks Tim, my searches lead me to believe it's related to the Visual Basic Runtime files in some way but it went over my head at that point.

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon at 03:52 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #14

OK, I got the Lobby to work in Vista (see original post), but I too can not get it to join a server. It errors out with a VB error. I will look into that some more as well

Posted by Pablo Martinez Id_icon_gray at 04:15 PM on Apr 17, 2008 Post #15

I think it would be better to use Chezch plugin. We can run with a lot of cars, the rallys have no limit of rivers, drivers don't need to be in the server at the same time, so we can "open" the rally to 0:00 to 23:59 so each driver can drive when he wants. The only problem is that we need a premium account at the Chezch page, but I think it costs about 7€.

I haven't tried RBRnet 3.0, I tried 2.0 long time ago, but I prefer Chezch plugin because I can drive when I want (I'm not sure if this is possible with RBRnet), because now the scheduled events are not a good time for me, and I think that more people have the same problem.

Anyway, I'll try to run RBR events, with Chezch plugin or RBRnet, I have to reinstall RBR :P