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Rfactor Momo wheel help
Dec 13, 2008

Posted by Ryan von Steinen Id_icon_gray at 04:00 PM on Dec 13, 2008 Post #1

Hey guys I am going to have to ask for some assistance here my wheel is giving me problems in Rfactor and only in Rfactor. When I push "race" in rfactor to load you on the track it dings like a windows box sound, then while the car is starting it says something like re-outfield enabled its really hard to understand what is said. After this my wheel will stay straight but as soon as I turn it one way doesn't matter which it goes all the way over and wants to stay all that way left or right. If you straighten it out it will stay straight until you go to turn one way again.

It doesn't happen in GTR2 and when I have FFB unplugged the pedals and how the wheel steers is fine it just seems to have problems with the FFB.

I have tried calibrating in Logitech Profiler with no luck. The only thing I can think of is I didn't have these problems before I downloaded both F1 06 and 2.52 ILMS mods. I uninstalled the ILMS 2.52 with no different results but didn't know which files to delete in the F1 06 mod.

I have a Momo red just so you guys know too and I will keep my computer on TS if anyone has any ideas.

Posted by Omar Gonzalez Id_icon_gray at 04:06 PM on Dec 13, 2008 Post #2

RV...I asked the guys, but they have no idea how to fix this issue... For the mod F106 uninstall, download the mod again and install it to a separate folder, check all the files downloaded and delete manually in your rFactor folder... ;)

Posted by Doug Spinster Id_icon_gray at 05:37 PM on Dec 13, 2008 Post #3

I am not sure if this will help your problem but a while back only on rFactor my Momo was screwing up. no matter what I did when I tried to turn it would only turn left . Going straight was ok but the moment I turn the wheel in any direction it would turn left to the extreme.

Like you I tried everything. Then I just disconnected my Momo and ran rfactor. the keyboard controls are ok . So I set everything to default. Then close down the computer and reconnected my MoMo. Then Started up the computer, ran rfactor and the Momo worked ever since. You can try that and see if it helps.

Posted by Ryan von Steinen Id_icon_gray at 06:18 PM on Dec 13, 2008 Post #4

I deleted the CTDP06 F1 and now I dont have the "bing" when I hit race in game and it doesnt give me that message when I launch into the car. The wheel is still giving me the same problem though.

Posted by Tim Leitz Id_icon_gray at 11:39 AM on Dec 14, 2008 Post #5

First thing that pops into my mind is the feedback setting is reversed. Feedback strength should be a negative number.

Posted by Mike Campbell Id_icon_gray at 03:49 PM on Dec 14, 2008 Post #6

That message you're getting when you hit race is "realfeel enabled". Just a guess but reinstall the realfeel plugin. That might be the problem. I think its only a dll file & a config file.

Posted by Ryan von Steinen Id_icon_gray at 06:20 PM on Dec 14, 2008 Post #7

Thanks guys I have fixed the problem but I am still low on force. That being said I was always (for years) running positive values so I will experiment with negatives. Thanks everyone.