Dos Santos runs most laps in top spot of class for win in Valencia GT Challenge

Image by Gary Murray
Turn 1 heats up as Reinhard sneaks away when Tristan gets a nudge from Allen

Berger runs most laps at front of class for win

Image by Gary Murray
Gary waits and watches as Mike and John go at it for the lead of GT2... great battle...ring side seat...
Valencia GT Challenge
30 May 2011
Gary Murray

30 May 2011 — Mike Dos Santos led all drivers in the GT2 class most for 15 of 28 laps on a run for first place in the Valencia GT Challenge in Round 2 of the SuperTurismo:GT Global GT Challenge series.

Driving the Ferrari 430 GT2, Dos Santos traded positions multiple rounds with John Van Der Geest in a lengthy and unrelenting fight for the race lead from the early stages, running within a scrape of each other over a range of 28 laps. Dos Santos ran nearly equal parts leading Van Der Geest after initially being caught by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 18, Dos Santos passed Van Der Geest for the third time and into first place on lap 22, and defended it against pressure by Van Der Geest the remaining seven laps to the checkered flag.

Dos Santos moves up to the lead of the GT2 class standings, four points ahead of Jussi Virtanen. Dos Santos has two starts and led 30 of his 56 laps while taking the victory once.

Reinhard Berger led all drivers in the GT1 class most for 19 of 30 laps on a run for first place.

Berger mixed it up with Pedro Teixeira in a prolonged fight for the race lead from the early stages, sparring over a stretch of 13 laps. Driving the Maserati MC12, Berger drove the majority pursuing Teixeira after being engaged and passed by him on lap 7. Berger launched a prolonged attack at Teixeira in the early stages, staying within a lap behind him and gaining ground over an unbroken run of 10 laps. Berger cleared Teixeira and into second place when Teixeira retired on lap 17, and kept it the final 13 laps to the conclusion.

Berger remains in the lead of the GT1 class standings, increasing the lead over rival Allen Cotton to 12 points. Berger has two starts and led 48 of his 60 laps while taking the win twice.

John Van Der Geest held the GT2 class lead for 13 laps in a run to second place.

Driving the Porsche 997 GT2, Van Der Geest wrestled the advantage back and forth with Mike Dos Santos in a long and tense battle for the race lead starting early on, running within a scrape of each other over a stretch of 28 laps. Van Der Geest spent nearly equal parts leading Dos Santos after originally engaging and passing him on the fourth lap. In the end Van Der Geest lost the spot on lap 22 and settled into second the seven laps running to the checkered flag.

Van Der Geest is fourth in the GT2 class standings for the series. He has one start and led 13 of his 28 laps raced while finishing as high as second.

SuperTurismo:GT Global GT Challenge series moves on to Round 3 in two weeks at Spa-Francorchamps '04. The series has 16 drivers competing for points in the multiclass championships.

Pedro Teixeira held the GT1 class lead for 11 laps in a run to fourth place.

Teixeira swapped leads multiple rounds with Tristan Bayless in a relentless fight for second from the beginning, running within car lengths of each other over a stretch of six laps and changing positions three times. Driving the Lamborghini R-GT, Teixeira spent equal parts leading Bayless after initially engaging and passing him on the second lap. After losing the spot on lap 4, Teixeira got around Bayless for the second time and into first place on lap 6, and kept it another 11 laps toward the checkered flag before retiring early.

Teixeira is seventh in the GT1 class standings for the series. He has one start and led 11 of his 17 laps raced while finishing as high as fourth.

Tristan Bayless won second place in the GT1 class.

Driving the Aston Martin DBR9, Bayless ran all of 28 laps total pursuing Reinhard Berger after initially targeting him on the first lap. In the end Bayless settled into second the 13 laps running to the conclusion.

Bayless is third in the GT1 class standings for the series. He has one start and finished as high as second.

Gary Murray captured third place in the GT1 class.

Tomi Niinimaki captured third place in the GT2 class.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
GT1 1 Reinhard Berger 05 Motorsport 30 1:01:22.600
GT1 2 Tristan Bayless Scuderia Internazionale 30 1:03:20.163
GT2 1 Mike Dos Santos 28 1:01:41.278
GT2 2 John van der Geest Go For It! 28 1:01:50.171
GT1 3 Gary Murray JamaicaBoyz SpeedWerkz 28 1:01:30.563
GT2 3 Tomi Niinimaki 28 1:02:28.238
GT2 4 Jussi Virtanen Go For It! 27 1:02:03.855
GT1 4 Pedro Teixeira Atlantic Motorsport Academy 17 DNF
GT1 5 Allen Cotton Pinnacle Motorsports 17 DNF
Image by Gary Murray
Tristan powers through the field and puts the moves on Pedro to take back 2nd in less than 2 laps

Porsche 997 GT2
Posted by John van der Geest at 12:40 PM on Tue May 31 CEST

The fight for first place GT2 was like the film "Trading places".

–2 L
Aston Martin DBR9
Posted by Gary Murray at 10:25 PM on Tue May 31 CEST

Valencia Street Circuit

Congrats to the GT & GT2 Podium winners.

Expected a higher turnout for this race, however, we made quite a show with everyone that competed at Valencia. Very competitive race.

Street circuits are tricky... Valencia is quite deceptive and it was hard to find a sweet spot setup for the Aston Martin... very twitchy car on cold tires...

Q: Was a washout for me, equipment issues and a late spin ended any chance of being in the GT pack.

R: Start was clean, went around Tristan who took an early spin in turn 1 and two laps later comes rocketing past...he was born fast...first half of the race I was battling GT2's and my sticking brake pedal. Fortunately I found a rythm that was conducive to racing and made my way past the GT2 leaders John and Mike.. this took me 2.5 laps to accomplish as John and Mike had quite the classic battle going down... Porsche vs.,I had a ringside seat.

Finally managed to get by Mike and John with a late braking manuever to realize that Allen and Pedro had succumbed to attrition putting me 3rd on the road with by my calculations barely enough fuel to make it to the finish. Having to back off the throttle and conserve fuel for 5 laps made it obvious to me and probably Mike that I stood a good chance of losing 3rd. With fumes and 0 on the gauge I limped to the line to make my first official podium - I have come close many times but finally made it onto the GT podium. Sweet!

Special Note: Reinhard put on a Maserati clinic and lapped everyone except Tristan who had a few issues with his DBR9 but never the less was blazing fast..

Super competitive race this round... see everyone at Spa

Congrats to all

One Love.


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