Dos Santos commands lead most laps for win in Jacarepaqua DRM

Melo logs time at front of field

Toyota Celica Turbo
Jacarepaqua DRM
26 Aug 2011

26 Aug 2011 — Mike Dos Santos led all drivers most for 23 of 24 laps on a run for first place in the Jacarepaqua DRM in Round 5 of the DRM Challenge [USA] series.

Driving the Ford Capri Turbo, Dos Santos mixed it up with Eduardo Melo in a lengthy and unrelenting battle for the race lead starting early on, running within a car length of each other over a range of 12 laps. Dos Santos drove nearly all leading Melo after initially being targeted by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 6, Dos Santos cleared Melo and into first place on lap 7, and held it the remaining 17 laps to the conclusion.

Dos Santos remains in the lead of the standings, increasing the lead over rival Felipe Anzolin to 21 points. Dos Santos has five starts and led 23 of his 135 laps while taking the win once.

Eduardo Melo held the lead for a lap in a run to third place.

DRM Challenge [USA] series moves on to Round 6 in two weeks at Mugello Circuit. The series has 40 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Mike Dos Santos leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Felipe Anzolin, Caleb Marklein, Barry Hedrick, Renato Dornelles, and Pedro Teixeira. The Top 5 places are an open ring for 39 drivers in the running with two races remaining.

Melo ran nearly equal parts of 20 laps total leading Felipe Anzolin after originally being caught by him on the fifth lap. Driving the Ford Capri Turbo, Melo fended off a prolonged attack by Anzolin in the early stages, staying just a straightaway ahead of him over a solid run of eight laps. Ultimately Melo lost the spot on lap 13 and settled into third the dozen laps running to the checkered flag.

Melo is 15th in the standings for the series. He has one start and led one of his 24 laps raced while finishing as high as third.

Andre Cozza won fourth place.

Felipe Anzolin captured second place.

Making his 300th career start, Pedro Teixeira captured a eighth-place finish.

Cozza drove the majority of 12 laps total pursuing Felipe Anzolin after originally being challenged and passed by him on the second lap. Ultimately Cozza settled into fourth the 20 laps running to the conclusion.

Cozza is 16th in the standings for the series. He has one start and finished as high as fourth.

Anzolin ran nearly equal parts of 20 laps total leading Eduardo Melo after challenging and passing him on lap 13, coming from as many as five spots back. Anzolin cleared Melo and into second place on lap 13, and held it the remaining 11 laps to the finish.

Anzolin moves up to second in the standings, 21 points behind Mike Dos Santos. Anzolin has four starts and led 16 of his 105 laps while taking the victory once.

Driving the BMW M1 Turbo, Teixeira ran all of four laps total pursuing Tommy Hammer after originally catching him on the first lap. Ultimately Teixeira settled into fourth the couple laps before retiring early.

Teixeira remains in sixth in the standings, cutting the gap to fifth's Renato Dornelles to two points. Teixeira has three starts and led 14 of his 56 laps while finishing as high as third.

In the 300 career starts taken by Teixeira, he has driven the BMW M1 Turbo once. This was the first time he matched the car against the circuit at Jacarepagua. Teixeira has raced at Jacarepagua three times in all with three different cars, his favorite being the BMW E92GTR P2.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Mike Dos Santos 24 45:14.150
2 Felipe Anzolin Team Brasil Racing 24 45:20.675
3 Eduardo Melo 24 45:34.981
4 Andre Cozza Pro Drivers 24 45:46.298
5 Luis Lynce Atlantic Motorsport International 24 47:10.233
6 Byron Hoy 23 47:09.853
7 Tommy Hammer Blanco Motorsports 12 DNF
8 Pedro Teixeira Atlantic Motorsport International 4 DNF
9 Caleb Marklein High Speed Racing II 2 DNF
10 Brian Janik High Speed Racing II 1 DNF

Posted by Yalam Caroso at 02:48 PM on Sun Aug 28 PDT

Parabéns Felipe Anzolin! Grande resultado!

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