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rFactor from Image Space Incorporated is a versatile simulation encompassing virtually every form of racing, so much so that its underlying physics engine has been licensed as the basis for several other racing titles. A valuable performer for the widest range of racing possibilities, embracing car and track addons contributed by community developers.

In action ...
Submitted by Lorence Calpatura
Submitted by Fabrizio Telasio
Submitted by Alex Freitas
LMPC start.

1970 World Sportscar Championship Sports car Daytona International '70 Multiclass Tue Jan 13 CST
70's Nascar Touring car Jacksonville Superspeedway TA70 Sun Dec 28 CST
Bad Voices Racing Audi R8 Tour Touring car Melbourne Audi Sport Sat Dec 27 CST
Blancpain Endurance Series [Pro] $$$ Sports car Nogaro Sprint Sun Apr 05 CDT
Blancpain GT Sprint Cup Sports car Estoril '88 PAM Tue Dec 23 CST
Blancpain Split Series Sports car Sponsor's Pick Sat Jan 03 CST
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [Euro] Touring car    
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [USA] Touring car    
British Touring Car Touring car Birmingham Superpix BTCC #1 Sun Mar 22 CDT
DRM Division 1 Championship Touring car Autodrom Most - GP Div I Sat Jan 10 CST
Endurance Series World Championship Sports car John van der Geest Abu Dhabi Multiclass Sat Dec 27 CST
ERA Baja on the Asphalt Off road Sao Paulo Multiclass Mon Dec 22 CST
ERA Civic's On The Streets Touring car Townsville Civic Cup Mon Dec 22 CST
F1 1978 Championship by ACD Open wheel Kyalami '79 F178 Mon Jan 12 CST
F5000 Revival 2015 Open wheel Laguna Seca - GP F5000 Wed Jan 14 CST
Ferrari Testarossa Tribute Sports car Goodwood TR250 Mon Dec 29 CST
Formula 1 '78 Season 2 Open wheel Monza '70s F178 Mon Dec 22 CST
Formula 1 1971 Open wheel Kyalami '79 F1'71 Wed Jan 21 CST
Formula 4 National Series Open wheel Monza '79 Formula 4 Thu Jan 08 CST
Formula 5000 Open wheel Anderstorp '75 F5000 Mon Jan 19 CST
FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONSHIP Open wheel Magnificent Park - Endurance F1 '91 LE Thu Dec 25 CST
Group C Endurance Series Sports car Brazilian Enduro Interlagos VGTP Sat Jan 03 CST
GT Challenge [Euro] Sports car Sebring Int'l - 12hr Multiclass Fri Dec 26 CST
GT Challenge [SoAm] Sports car Sponsor's Pick Fri Dec 26 CST
Historic CanAm 1971 Sports car Mont Tremblant GP CanAm Mon Dec 22 CST
Holidays Canon Bowl Run Sports car Jacksonville Superspeedway GT3 Mon Dec 22 CST
Indy Oval Racing 2015 Open wheel Indianapolis Motor Speedway IndyCar Sun May 17 CDT
Indy Road Racing 2015 Open wheel Interlagos IndyCar Sun Mar 08 CDT
Jr LeMans Sports car    
Jr LeMans Sports car Sponsor's Pick Sun Jan 04 CST

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